Putrespermfaction Versus Fertiholyzation

by Posthumous Blasphemer

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Brutal death from Belarus


released July 13, 2004



all rights reserved


Posthumous Blasphemer Belarus

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Track Name: Obedience Necessary
Obedience Necessary

To obey salvation, not to obey destruction
It's really merciless isn't it? Why do you need masses?
Do you want to defend them All have sinned and what about you?
Faith required Hammering the fear in bodies
You want obedience You need a scared flock
"Obey the gospel or be lost" "Receive not false teachers"
I hate you A fool doesn't know that he is a fool
You want to comment all of these
With your sense You are seeking evil Hiding it everywhere
All that do not obey you are enemies All who are against you must die
"Believe or die in sins" "Repent or perish"
Why is there not a private interpretation?
You need people for your fat life "No discipline or manual needed"
You make you own paradise on earth
Obedience is when cows are going into slaughterhouse
Not knowing where they are leaded
Track Name: Disdain the God
Disdain the God

Disdain the god Ignore this shit If this vermin exists
Kill him if he stands near your heart Annihilate the christian penetration
They say the god is looking onto our life
He is spying on every step we do
His glance is chained to our back He disdains and ignores you
The priest's already tired Of convictions of his living
He wanted his own amusement This shit created a man But does he know that we like independence?
They deform the mankind By breaking into soul
We don't need a tyrant that tortures our life To disdain this shit is the only way
We are not the divine service sheep's To disdain this shit is the only way
Ignore this vermin at the head with fucking creator
This divine shit is not for us Dictator - you must die
Track Name: Trinity Stench
Trinity Stench

Stench of sacred trinity you feel It's stinking like a barrel of shit
Fast broadcasting around the world It tries to spear your house and heart
They devised this holy trinity Giving them quality of the highest essence
Even creators of old fucking testament Do not stand this trinity stench
Holy father holy son holy spirit here they are Heap of rotting fucking maggots, losers of the game
Hate is master of my heart I will kill you fucking god Are you one or are you three?
You will die in torments Your servants are priests
Your slaves are sheep Your traces are wars Your enemies are us
How many people were killed for you? They hated your kingdom and your laws
They had other opinion in their hearts But your servants drank their blood
Track Name: Confession Through Anal
Confession Through Anal

Do you know what they are doing in temples and churches?
Do you see another side of this religious life?
Do you hear children's cries and orders of priests?
Do you feel your hate against the god-fucked servants? They're teaching children free
They have theirs bodies It always transforms into brutal pedophilia
Crucifixions are on the walls Icons are looking onto your faces
They only want more and more Let's rape children for your god
Only public execution Dissection with a blunt knife Crush your head with a rusty axe
Thanks to your god Just give them flesh and you will see
You will become dedicated Flesh will be speared by god force
God is inside your hole Stumps of your body are for maggots
You will feel a total desire Your god will take you with agony
Your soul will be burnt by our hate After your deeds you must be killed and burnt
Fuck your faith and church, let it burn with you
Track Name: Evil from the Primitive Things
Evil from the Primitive Things

Evil from the primitive things - it often arises in me
When I see these vermins around I have disgusting feelings
I hate these pigs who want to get the paradise
Giving their money to double pigs I want to vomit when I hear these learned phrases
These fucking maggots ask to help the "poor" church
This carrion will not stop eating our money
Evil from the primitive things - I want to see your death
They are the part of well-prospering system Religious monster is accessible to all
Why must the servants of shit Devastate our pockets and with them our soul?
Why must they get our mercy for their Churches and fucking son of shit called "god"?
You are victims of these abortions in chests Other "god" needs your money, candles and prayers
Somebody tells me to take a blunt knife And cut these animals with crosses on chests
Their god is infection that's fixed by snails They need a dictator that limits every deed
Track Name: Homicidal Chaos
Homicidal Chaos

We are only dust in this immense chaos We can't change this system
We vanish into thin air Your wish to exist, your wish to breathe
You need to leave something after your death But you can not avoid your soon decease
Darkness will eat you without gods and angels You hope that people will not forget you
But time will wash up the name Immortal illusions - this is people's creation
But everything is obscure, new generations arrive Death is unavoidable
The end of existence is one warrant That life gives us
You were born from nothing and you will go to nothing
Take it with merit without bible lie Darkness is ready for your coming
Your dreams about life after life will become just dust
Track Name: Jester Jesus
Jester Jesus

I am indifferent that you are the son of god
You 're an ideal for all sheep on this rotting earth
You put on a white dress and bleat something about salvation
Scare people in front of god, but for me you are jester
I am free from these ideas You are mockery for us All your life is jester show
Kill yourself with your prejudice You want compassion
You are the son of god aren't you? But you must be tormented on the cross
You needed tears of sheep that had lost Thanks to your deceitful apostles
Your ideas came to us But this dust is not for me
All your followers will be blasted People must understand your torments
This is your philosophy You took sins with your own death
Your cross is a mockery Why must we listen to your commandments?
It is imbued with shit You want to get your own slaves of faith Giving them fish and bread
I can't accept with the gravity this shit Fuck you and don't you stand near my heart
You are simply a defaced carrion
That wants to be a superstar among sheep