Crucified Humiliation

by Posthumous Blasphemer

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released August 10, 2005



all rights reserved


Posthumous Blasphemer Belarus

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Track Name: Denounce to Abdication
Raped morals are presented to us
Not to trust - means torture
Gorge them the adherents of the new doctrine
Use the fruits of the victims of the incest
Not to trust - means torture
Not to trust - means eternal death
The descendants of the fratricide and those
Who considered that they are the prophets and the sacrificers.
The pus of envy saturates doctrine.
The ulcers of the ignorance cover
The stiffed with cold Holy Trinity's corpse.
The worship of the Christian idols will still
Hold in fear the condemned minds.
The religious don't see the voice
This image is a predatory monster.
Not to trust - means torture
Not to trust - means eternal death
Not to trust - means torment
Not to trust - means suffering.
This voice is a vile gritting.
The claws scratch your soul to the blood,
The gritting makes you mad at nights.
"Are you with me? Or did you betray me?"
What does he look like? What is his voice like?
Confide to the sacrificers - they are his servants
But no slaves as you are.
Just like this the "all-knowing" and the "fair"
Is presented:
Who is not with him -
Is the one who is against him
The circulation under the lash of the "truth"
The fear behind the invisible chastiser.
Having invented such a monster,
The sacrificers killed all doubts about his existence
Track Name: Illicit Dissonance
Human fear - as a way of existence
Foment of slave's instincts where's the
Truth and where's the false?
Who gives the right to take of human souls?
The spread of religion leads to the logical end of the civilization.
Give them yourself and your children
You merit it
They know how to manage it
Give them yourself and your children.
Like predators people eat each other
Due to religious prejudice.
Reading "clever" books everyone sees
Guiding principles how to live.
Give them yourself and your children
You merit it
They know how to manage it
Give them yourself and your children.
Acting's struggle, acting 's war
Kill the unfaceful and find the rescuing,
The holly profit is boundless.
Give them everything and die destitute and happy,
Kill your enemies for the inanely ideas,
Proclaim the fathers of church the God on Earth. Gregarious feeling stir up in the mind
Impossible to resist
The lost of healthy understanding.
Unwillingness to put under a doubt imposed values
The right way to suicide.
Track Name: Accusation in Existence
Blindness hides the eyelids, darkness absorbs sensible mind
Through religious fog nothing can be seen
The brain clamps a vice controlled by skilful hands.
Each day they compress stronger.
A loop of unlawfulness twists your throat
Conscience hangs over the lash - you don't belong to yourself
Where is your will? Where is your pride?
Where is your power? Where are your feelings?
To give in "the right influence" once,
To stand on the "true" way
Heard "the try words" you become blind, you become deaf.
What do you need your own mind for when the orders
Of how to exist in this world are given to you?
Perceiving personal charge in existence
Goes without saying, the feeling of the guilt appears
To somebody's death through the execution
All this makes your blood to get cool in the veins
The feeling of envy gives rise to hatred
And this hatred's to the wrong people.
Suffocation changes the breath
The loop is ready to heal on the neck,
Blindness hides the eyelids, darkness absorbs sensible mind
If by accident you say "no".
The vice is ready to smash your brain,
The mute scream has struck the inflamed reason,
The infinite agony torments the flesh,
Hopelessness devours the rest of consciousness
Doomed victim becomes the greatest misconception of humanity.
Possessed by this idea.
Track Name: Predominant Madness
The confinement at the stony basements of monasteries
Tongue is cut off and eyes are burned by heated iron
The beating up by the rods within an inch of death
The Roman Catholic Church eliminates its enemies and rivals.
Wounded pontific's pride brings destruction,
Extracts ex-fellows nails.
The vicious mockery at their corpses
Thrown down to the cesspit after the outrage.
The struggle for the Holy See dictates its own methods of survival
Plots, poisoning, assassinations
Nothing can stop the one who's longing for the church power.
Tiara permitted with blood is waiting for the next owner,
Debuty Christs on Earth hide their true faces
Behind religious prejudice of their victims.
They are canonized
Decaying from venereal deceases
Esteem the rotting sadomit!
Pray for his stinking soul!
Pontific becomes the god
Naming himself the prince of princes,
The sovereign of the sovereigns,
The king of the bishops,
The judge of mere mortals.
Paranoia convinces to look for the enemies
The waiting of the treachery convinces to go to extreme.
Distorted corpses of the enemies
Undergoing an exhumation and posthumous accusation.
Track Name: Perceive the Lie
Darkness in your eyes becomes the light
But this light is death, your death, after which
All hopes broke, fragmentating souls
Which bleed from hopelessness
Self torture as a pass to the under world.
Beats of lash insulting of the surrounding
Execution on the eyes of the crowd
And as a result burning of the compassion
After which the faith seize
The admitting of the only "needed" information
Convincing to turn into the "true" life
Doesn't mean which way
The death of the bearer of the faith
Is their aim.
Devastating the hearts, wringing out
Till the last drop of the will and desire to live
They take the next victim to the execution.
The threat of the eternal mockery will cool the doubt mind!
The babies absorb a poison of the clericalism
Are ill with Christianity up to death
The plague of all times came to you
The Christian necrophilists make you shiver
Brushing away the dirty web from the dead monster
They try to extract the seed of fear
Which will translate them in a rank
Of the super people
The others are pleased to humiliations and the abilities to be slaves.
Track Name: Agony of Vainglory
You pay the look to him
The end of flours will be put with a pray.
The hope fed by the suffering, by the blood and by the tears
Should not turn to ashes.
The exhausted body waits for the rest.
The inflamed eyes are about to close forever.
But all over again ask for mercy, ask for quick death.
Requests burn down in the fire of stillness,
Prays shatter about the rock of indifference.
The pain continues to run into the inflamed consciousness.
Pending the answer, pending the understanding,
Pending the sympathy.
All this convinces to pull up the breath.
To listen to the emptiness.
You lose your patience repeating the pray
Words go nowhere,
The scars of uncertainty start to bleed,
The wounds of uncertainty become inflamed,
Release the pus.
Full of wrath
Again and again.
Where is the one you are calling for?
Why does he make you to suffer?
Turning himself into an experimental creature.
You expected to find a rescue
Having transformed life in real hell
You expected the beyond the grave compensation
Obeying mad ideas, the self-sacrifice has
Mutilated your body
The will to grasp the throne and to dominate
Lead to the public execution.
Track Name: Chastise by Cross
Reckless and criminal crusade is ready to start
Ardent and martial pontific's speech
All who's going to liberate the church of the god
Receive the crown of thorns and full absolution
The blood riches the knees of crusaders sitting astride
The worship of a minute to the sacred coffin
After which the murders resume
Fanaticism and superstition on which the clergy is speculating
Mothers throttle their babies in a frantic silence
The husbands stab their wives "The God wants it".
Destruction of the cities, burning of the houses, extermination of the citizens
Suicide becomes the only alternative.
The mass suicide for the sake of influence of the Christian doctrine.
Turning to "humane" religion with the aid of brutal violence
The more blood will shed, the richer will the Clergy be
You sow death in the name of the sacred crucifixion
The ruthless fanatics with crosses on their shoulders
Chopped the kids apart, convincing mothers to drink their blood
Hanging the innocent victims on the hooks they jeer at the corpses
The God wants it! In the name of the liberation of the sacred coffin!